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If being tired is what you do most - maybe it's time to go down to the coast. Come down to the beautiful city of Bar - oh, yeah, we don't mind if you wake up at a bar.

We promise you a stay out of this world - with Talasturs your toes will be curled


When God was creating this world, he created a place for his own rest, and that place is called Montenegro.
Everything that man needs for rest is here.
To spend time here is not only an experience but also an inexpressible pleasure.


Conditions of climate


Climate: mediterenian
Midiaeval temperature of air: in summer 27.4 C
Maximum sea temperature: 27.1 C
Midiaeval sunny days in the year: 240
Sweaming season: 180 days
Sea color: darkly blue
Transparence: from 38 to 56 m
Salinity: 28 ‰ In Kotor's bay, 38‰ near Ulcinj
Average flux altitude: 31 cm
Sea wave altitude: about 0.5 m.
Sea wave above 2m are very rare.
In south adriatic living 116 fish species, crabs and shelfish.



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